WHAT’S IN MY EVENING BAG? my top 5 summer party essentials

Hello babes!

I’m pretty sure everyone’s experienced this situation when going out: you have your outfit ready, your makeup is all done and your hair looks amazing. You have to run out the door because you’re super late, but there’s this one thing you haven’t packed: your bag to go with the outfit. After finding the perfect one (which personally takes me ages), you try to stuff in all the things you need, but you run out of space and you can’t really decide whether to pack that nude lipstick or not. 

In order to avoid all the problems, I stick to my magic rule of 5 when packing my evening essentials. The 5 things I take are my absolute musts when my friends and I go out!

Wallet: I guess this is a pretty obvious one, though most people don’t tend to go for a full sized wallet like mine. I’ve never really jumped on the cardholder bandwagon because I like to keep a lot of things in my wallet and I get really messy with my cardholders. I like to bring a wallet that’s big, yet thin so that I can pop it in my bag without it using up too much space. I’ll put my keys in the coin department so that I don’t lose them.

Makeup: I only ever bring two products – foundation and the lipstick I’m wearing that night. I like keeping a bottle of foundation with me at all times because you never know when you’ll need some extra coverage. As for the lips, my lipstick almost always manages to get off halfway through the night so I’ll usually have to reapply it.

Portable charger: This stuff is a serious life saver!!! I’m always on Snapchat/Instagram which both do such damage to your battery! A portable charger is my everyday essential because I literally always need to charge my phone.

Fragrance: I like bringing a mini sized bottle of perfume with me because a little extra perfume never killed anybody, right? I just love to smell good and I also kinda bring a mini perfume with me because I’m obsessed with travel sized products. On that note, how cute is my mini Miss Dior?!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! As you can see, I’ve featured two Guess items because I really like their clothing/accessories. If you’re looking for a great evening bag, I’d highly suggest you check Guess out, together with Rebecca Minkoff and Furla. Those are my top favorite brands for small bags!

What do you keep in your bag when you go out? Let me know in the comments below!
Lots of love!

xx Kris


164 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY EVENING BAG? my top 5 summer party essentials

  1. I keep it too in my bag! Why you don’t try the cushion one? Its handy and you don’t need a powder to set it up. Just in case u need to set the foundation matte:)


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