Hello babes!

It’s back to school season, which means yearbook photos! Growing up, I’d always try to look my best in photos and would stress about the smallest, most irrelevant things because I just wanted to have get the best possible shots. While I’ve not yet been completely satisfied with my pictures and probably never will be, I have discovered some useful tips that I thought I’d share with you guys as a part of my back to school series. We all like to look good in photographs, don’t we?

Create angles. Most of us have a face that’s at least a little asymmetric and we usually like one of our profiles better than the other. Take advantage of your better side! You don’t need to just look straight into the camera without turning your head one bit – play with the angles, tilt your head a little, be dynamic and make sure you’re sitting up straight.

Be your best self. Try to look the way you’ve looked the entire school year, just a little more put together. You could put an additional ten minutes into your makeup routine by adding extra mascara or putting on that highlighter you’re usually too lazy to wear. Curl or straighten your hair to look polished. Just remember to stay true to your own style and not try too hard. You still want to look like yourself!

Add color. The last thing you want is to look washed out. Start with a photo-ready foundation to create an even canvas – you definitely want to avoid blemishes! Add both bronzer and blush to add some color to your face. As for the lips, a berry toned lip balm is great because it’s that your-lips-but-better shade that makes your lips look healthy and not too dramatic.

Take numerous shots. It’s highly unlikely that your first shot will be your best one. If you’re allowed to take multiple pictures, use the opportunity and change up your poses. You could even practice at home to see how you like your photos. The more you experiment, the better!

Wear the right outfit. Preferably something that you’ll be able to look at in five years and not think of how bad your fashion choices used to be. Fashion changes all the time but you can never go wrong with a neutral dress or a pair of jeans and a cute tee. Add some dainty accessories to make your picture a little special! Necklaces or watches (or both) could definitely look cute. I wore a grey skater dress paired with my favorite Swarowski heart necklace and my Lacoste watch.

Stay relaxed. The photo I ended up choosing for my yearbook was, believe it or not, taken spontaneously and I never thought I’d like it until I actually saw it. Don’t take the photo session too seriously and try to have fun! If you’re relaxed, your shots will most likely be better than if you’re stiff. Remember to be confident because trust me, confidence, or the lack of it, does show in the photos.

I hope you found these tips helpful and will use them the next time you’re taking your pictures! Remember, the students who have the most fun during their shoot usually end up having the best photos so make sure you don’t worry too much. What are your top tricks for taking the pics? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

xx Kris



105 thoughts on “TAKING THE PERFECT YEARBOOK PICTURE! starting school in style

  1. I haven’t looked at my school portraits in years, but I think after a certain age, my mom just stopped buying them all together. LOL. I guess there’s a time when you just start looking pretty much similar to how you did the year before, so it’s not worth collecting for parents’ collection. Those photos look great. I’m still in search of my “better side.”

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