WORTH THE HYPE? silicone makeup sponges

Hello babes!

Silicone makeup sponges are one of the coolest beauty trends of 2017 and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them by now, as they’ve been all over Instagram. I wanted to test them out to see whether they could replace my beloved beauty blender that I usually use to apply foundation, so after giving them a test ride, I decided to share my thoughts on them!


I love the minimalist approach to both beauty and fashion, so my very first thought when seeing these sponges was how simple they were. I love the look of them and the fact that they’re not complicated to use. They’re also really easy to wash, as they don’t absorb any product, which means they’re not loaded with bacteria like some other tools are.


I used the sponge for applying my everyday foundation, though it can be used for other purposes, such as cleansing and concealing. It takes a lot of time to learn what motions to use for perfect application because the sponge doesn’t soak in any product, so it literally just packs all the product onto the skin. I usually startedΒ by putting a pump of foundation on the back of my hand and then patted it onto my skin. It does take more time than the beauty blender, but you’ll end up using a lot less of the foundation – a single pump was more than enough for me, whereas with my beauty blender, I typically use 2 pumps.


  • you use less product
  • can be washed easily
  • doesn’t harbor bacteria
  • multipurpose product


  • foundation is harder to apply and blend
  • takes more time than beauty blender
  • takes time to learn how to use


To be completely honest, I didn’t like these as much as I thought I would. I prefer my brushes/beauty blender, as they’re much faster and easier to blend with. While the silicone sponge does look cool and innovative, it took a long time not only to figure out which type of motions to use for applying foundation, but also how to get it to blend perfectly. Because it doesn’t soak up any of the product, youΒ have a much higher chance of it not looking natural on the skin and the reason why I love using my beauty blender so much is exactly because it blends my foundation seamlessly and makes it look really natural. I’ve only tried the sponge with a creamy foundation, but I can’t imagine using it with a super liquid product because I feel like it would leave streaks all over the face. You don’t waste any product, though, which means your foundation bottles will last you a lot longer than they would otherwise.

In the end, you have to think of your personal preferences and weigh out the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to jump on the silicone sponge bandwagon.Β Have you tried them before? Did you like them? If not, would you purchase one of these? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

xx Kris


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