Hello babes!

With fall starting in just a couple of days, I’m getting more and more excited. It’s not just the fashion and the cozy knits and boots I’m about to wear, I’m also looking forward to all the hot beauty trends of the season! As I’m such a fall enthusiast, I decided to share with you my biggest seasonal beauty essentials. I stick to these on a daily basis, no matter what kind of a makeup look I’m going for, and I thought this post could be useful and inspiring for all my fall lovers out there!


In the summer, I don’t tend to wear much makeup and I stick to tinted moisturizers, whereas during fall and winter, I’m all about porcelain skin. Base is key and wearing a higher coverage foundation can really pull the look together. I never overdo it, though, because I don’t like my foundation looking too cakey – I prefer healthy, moisturized skin with a good amount of foundation, topped with a little bit of setting powder.


Tan’s not really a fall thing, so don’t bronze up your skin the way you would in the summer. It surely is nice to add some dimension to the face, but try to stick to matte bronzers and only apply a small amount. Try using plum toned blush instead of hot pink summer shades. Make sure your skin doesn’t look too dry by putting some highlighter on the high points of your face, but again, your skin is just a base so don’t try to make it stand out.


It’s all about the eyes this season and that’s the reason why I think your skin shouldn’t stand out. Warm, neutral smokey eyes are my favorite and I like adding copper/burgundy tones to spice things up. I also wear black or brown eyeliner on my waterline for extra definition. During the day, I stick to soft looks and I add darker shades and falsies when I’m going out at night. You can create different color combinations, just remember to always blend your eyeshadow well before you leave the house!


When it comes to lips, the possibilities are endless as long as you match your lip color to your eyes. You can go for deep reds, which are a big fall trend, or stick to nudes, but don’t ever wear bright lip colors if your eyes are already dramatic. Personally, I’d wear red lips with a neutral/brown smokey eye and would stick to nude lips with a black smokey eye. Still, I don’t wear deep lip colors that often and I usually just go for neutrals, as they’re so much easier to wear. You can have fun with your lip products depending on what suits you best!

What do you guys think of today’s post? What are some of your key points when creating fall makeup looks? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

xx Kris


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