Hello babes!

Long time no see! I’m sorry there’s been a lack of posts recently – I’ve been busy  going back to uni and didn’t have much time for blogging. Anyway, I’m back on track now and ready for new content! I’m super excited about today’s post because it’s based on personal experience –  decorating my college apartment. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks moving into a new place, which means I’ve definitely learnt some tricks on how to get it looking all preppy and cute. With that being said, I decided to share with you my essentials when shopping for college decor!

Details, details, details. While you can go all out and spend tons of money on decor, sometimes, it’s the tiniest things that make the biggest difference in your apartment. It could be anything from placing your favorite magazine on a coffee table to keeping your jewelry nicely organized on a shelf. You can use pieces you already own, such as makeup items, perfume bottles or even cereal bowls! Trust me, by displaying them in a nice, decorative way, you’ll instantly make your apartment look cuter.

Color scheme is crucial. Whether it be your Instagram profile or the color of your bedroom walls. I adore white, so I’ve decided to keep the majority of my apartment white and added different colors. I love the white and pink combo, so a lot of decorative pieces at my place are a soft pink shade. Try to stick to a certain scheme and don’t combine too many colors because your apartment will end up looking like a hot mess. Personally, I’d always stick to a neutral canvas paired with a few soft color accents.

Food. This might sound like a weird tip, but kitchen items play a big role in decorating your place. When having friends over, you’ll probably socialize over food, whether it be hosting a dinner party or just having a cup of coffee. You could display little snacks on your kitchen table or keep fall themed candy in a jar. It will look adorable plus all your friends will appreciate it because let’s face it, everyone likes having a home made cookie every now and then!

Scented candles. I swear by these because not only do they look super girly and chic, they also smell amazing! Not all candles may be student budget friendly, so try looking at places like Ikea for affordable candles that are okay in terms of quality and size. I love keeping tons of candles everywhere because I love burning them to unwind. There’s nothing better than a warm vanilla scented candle paired with a nice cup of tea on a fall Sunday evening.

Keep your bed comfy and cozy! Whether you’re living in your own apartment, sharing it or living in dorms, your bed will probably be one of the most important pieces of furniture unless you own a sofa. With that being said, you might want to make your bed look visually appealing in order for it to pull the look of your whole place together. Throwing on a couple of pillows and blankets will provide extra comfort at night and will look cute by day.

My decor essentials:

Books / Candles / Fake flowers / Jewelry / Magazines

I hope you guys found today’s post inspiring! I’ve always enjoyed decorating places and moving to a new place has finally given me the opportunity to do so. Let me know in the comments below what your top interior design tips are!

Lots of love,

xx Kris


34 thoughts on “DECORATING YOUR COLLEGE APARTMENT! starting school in style

  1. The final photo is gorgeous – you have a really good eye for design! I can definitely agree that candles are amazing for making any place seem cosier and more home-like:) Thank you for sharing these tips!!

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