KNIT SKIRTS & ANKLE BOOTS! my favorite fall outfit

Hello babes!

Has anyone else been feeling super busy and stressed lately? I know I have! With all the uni assignments to finish and events to attend, I haven’t had much time for anything except for being on the go 24/7 and spending a lot of my time outside. Still, I do love having a busy life and this online beauty and fashion community has become a really important part of my everyday life!


Every single post I share on here is a way of expressing my creativity and I love outfit posts for this particular reason. For me, fashion is fun, unique and inspiring. The look I’m sharing today is exactly that – it’s a classic skirt and boot combo, which is one of my favorite fall looks. It’s cute, yet really comfy and warm enough for the chilly weather.

I usually go for neutrals with a single pop of color, such as burgundy, and honestly, who doesn’t love a deep red toned tee/sweater when it comes to fall?! I layered mine over a black button up shirt to add a formal feel to the outfit and kept the rest of the look simple because I feel like the tee is quite a statement piece on its own.

When it comes to accessories, I personally think having a pair of black ankle boots and a black leather bag is essential for any fall look. They’re so universal they can literally be paired with anything, yet they make a statement whenever you wear them. A pro tip is to add accessories to your bag to make it more fun and personalized!


Tee: Massimo Dutti

Skirt & Boots: Zara

Bag: Guess

Do you guys like this look? Would you wear it? What does fashion mean to you? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

xx Kris



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