BIRTHDAY BRUNCHIN’! tights, dresses & faux fur coats

Hello babes!

With the celebrations officially coming to an end, I thought I’d share a sneaky little peek into what my birthday actually looked like! I took some time off to celebrate with family and friends because I love going all out for my birthday – I always plan every single thing ahead to make sure everything will be just perfect. This year, I took my girls for a lovely brunch and decided to shoot my outfit afterwards because it’s a look I wear frequently during fall. Layers and faux fur coats, anyone?!

I’ve been wearing tights with thick dresses a lot lately. They keep me warm for fall and I think they look super cute. To add a formal touch to the outfit, I’ll wear a button up shirt under the dress. Black ankle boots and a black leather bag have become a fall staple of mine because they just go with everything.

TheΒ main piece of this look is my black faux fur coat. When it comes to faux fur, the pieces that look real and are of good quality can usually come at a high price tag. Personally, I think it’s worth investing in such a piece because it not only keeps you incredibly warm, but it also brings a lot of attention to any outfit, really. You have to be careful when styling it, I usually only dress it up. To add a fun accessory to the look, I decided to wear my hot pink/grey scarf because let’s face it – a little touch of pink never killed anybody!


What do you guys think of my birthday outfit? Would you wear a coat/jacket like this? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

xx Kris



26 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY BRUNCHIN’! tights, dresses & faux fur coats

  1. Gorgeous! I’m actually going faux-fur coat shopping this weekend so I have something to wear over my dress when I attend my friend’s wedding (it’ll be only about 45 degrees that day). Wish me luck haha

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